Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Woman finds Organ in KFC Meal

Melissa from west Springfield on Saturday afternoon was enjoing kfc when she found out that there is something slipped down from her two piece meal. She told, that was something like an organ. Melissa called KFC staff to tell them what happened. Melissa says after finding the organ, she called the restaurant to let them know what happened. While giving her report to media  requested not to show her last name or any identity. She said for now, she preserved the organ piece in her freezer for further safety.
 Melissa told that authorities reffered her to another person Luiso who looked at the organ and gave a disguisting expression. She added that none of the managers or authority persons bothered to note her name and address. She said that she was not at all satisfied with KFC standard and the resturaunt need to stricken it’s quality policies. A KFC spokes person Rick Maynard when approched by media gave following statement:

 “Nothing is more important to us than food safety and product quality and as soon as we became aware of this report, we began investigating it. While it is impossible to confirm from a photo, the item is likely a kidney. While certainly unappetizing and unacceptable, this very rare occurrence does not present a food safety issue. Our franchisee is contacting the customer to apologize and make things right.”

Back in January a similar incident took place in Texas. KFC was also ordered to pay $8m to a girl who got poisoned after eating a meal at KFC.


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