Monday, 12 March 2012

Cameron and Obama hail relations ahead of PM's US visit

David Cameron and Barack Obama have portrayed the "unique and essential" connection linking the US and UK ahead of a visit by the prime minister to Washington. During the three-day trip they will talk about what they call "the next stage of the change" in Afghanistan. Anxieties over Iran and the brutality in Syria will also be at top on the outline. 

Mr Cameron made his first official visit to the US as prime minister in July 2010. The most recent conference comes ahead of Nato and G8 summits.

In their joint article, the men said the coalition between the UK and US was a business of the heart, vault by the history, civilization and morals we share. “But what makes our bond extraordinary - a sole and vital plus, for our nations and the world - is that we join hands across so many accomplishments. More appropriately, we count on each other and the world counts on our alliance”.

They continue: "Our troops and citizens have long revealed what can be accomplished when British and Americans work jointly, heart and hand, and why this remains a necessary affiliation - to our nations and the world.  "So like our previous generations, we're going to keep it up. Because with self-assurance in our foundation and trust in each other, we still consider that there is barely anything we cannot do." 

On Afghanistan, they said they would be talking about strategies for shifting to a sustain position in advance of Afghans taking full accountability for security in 2014. The visit approaches at a stressed time for Afghanistan after an American fighter killed 16 Afghan civilians.

Mr Obama and Mr Cameron said they were proud of the development our troops have made in tearing apart al-Qaeda, breaking the Taliban's force and training Afghan forces, but as current days remind us, this remains a hard assignment.


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