Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Barack Obama's chances for second term

Mr. Barack Obama, US president has told in his interview with NBC that he ought to have a second term in White House. NBC recent survey showed president’s popularity to 50% since May 2011. NBC survey report also declared that the Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney would not conquer the president Obama. Currently Mr. Romney and his rivals are engaged in Colorado and Minnesota campaigns. However circumstances for Mr. Obama’s second term are improving after the death of Osama bin Laden. The Washington Post Poll carried out at the end of the last week clearly pointed the positive economic data of the last few months. 

Contests are being held across states to choose a Republican candidate for November’s general elections to challenge Mr. Obama. Survey showed that 51% of the 1000 people, who were asked to choose their president, chose Mr. Obama and Mr Romney make 45%. It clearly indicated that the current president came out ahead by a big margin. However, Mr Romney is still considered the favoured Republican nominee on economic subject, the poll suggests. 

President Obama told in his interview that he is not done yet and he believes that he deserves a second term. Appraising his government Mr. Obama told that his government has put 3.7 million jobless people to work in last 23 months and also have created most jobs since 2005. Mr. Obama in his interview assured that once he gets second term he will keep on improving as time goes on.


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