Thursday, 27 October 2011

Turkey earthquake: 520 died till now

Sunday's nightmare in Southern Turkey killed 500 plus people.

According to the Turkish authorities the injury figure risen to 1600 in the earthquake of magnitude 7.2 in Southern Turkey. Till now 520 people have been died. About 183 people have been rescued alive.

However weather conditions(rain and snow) are hindering the rescue operations and worsening circumstances made flood of people homeless. Hundreds of people are still missing under collapsed buildings

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

12 people killed in feul tanker explosion in northern Afghanistan

According to the Parwan province authorities about 70 people were crowded to steal the fuel from the tanker, the fuel leaked due to a magnetised bomb blast which made a hole in the tanker, and the tanked then exploded in a second blast and caused death to 12 people. It is also said that vehicle was just few kilometers away from the airfield when the blast occurred. The time of blas according to authorities was 9:30, Tuesday.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Muammar Gaddafi burried in desert of Libya

According to Libyan officials the bodies of Col Qaddafi and his son Muatassim has been secretly buried in the desert of Libya. The NTC's Guma Al Gamaty confirmed the burial but the location is still unknown.

It is confirmed in a text by a military council official in Misrata that the burial took place at 5:00 local time. According to the post-mortem report Qaddafi died by a shot in the head. Mustafa Abdul Jalil the acting authority of Libya said that NTC has made a committee which will unveil the circumstances surrounding the death of 69 years old Col. Qaddafi.

How ever the family of Qaddafi wanted the body to be buried outside the Sirte the hometown of former leader, but NTC preferred the secret burial.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Kalou, Čech salute Chelsea's Torres and Oriol


Salomon Kalou and Petr Cech had to praise Fernando Torres and Oriol Romeu highlight of Chelsea FC in depth after the 5-0 victory against the side KRC Genk, who are "here to learn."

Both Salomon Kalou and Petr Cech said Chelsea FC team depth, which helped them to a 5-0 victory against KRC Genk - the biggest club in his home in the UEFA Champions League - and could lead to the leaders of Group E will go a long way back to compete. Visit striker Kevin De Bruyne thanked the fans for their non-stop Genk support, but said the team had to learn the lessons of defeat and trying to improve.

Salomon Kalou, Chelsea forward

We play very well, an attractive football and added that we score lots of goals too. We scored early and for a small team, is important because it means you get more space to create chances. "We have a good team and if you want to do well in the Champions League, you must have a good bench." Some players have been left out in the evening, but we were still able to put in a good performance.

It 'good to have Fernando [Torres], in its high level, and again, it is necessary that if you're going to go far in the competition. He is a great player, and sometimes you just have to give them time to get back in shape and return to his best.

Petr Cech, Chelsea goalkeeper

It was a game similar to previous years, but this time we kept our concentration throughout the end and we did not allow them to mark what is positive. We were up 5-0 and it's easy sometimes to turn a bit and we did not. They tried a few shots, but they were still far from the goal and it just does not happen to them.

"You can see the quality that is Oriol Romeu. On the ball, he's very quiet so that you can trust him when you need to keep possession." Every young player of this quality is very welcome, because it allows the Director to change and rotate the team. You could see that today the people who came were fresh and want to play. You could see the result and it is an advantage, this team has so much quality.

Kevin De Bruyne, Genk wing

It 'was a very difficult evening for our team. We recognized early the target and against a team like Chelsea, which is always difficult going back into the game. I was surprised how good it was Chelsea. The difference between the Belgian and the English league championship was reflected in the result.

"We need to improve and see how high we can reach. We are here to learn, and we do not see how we can end up" in the group now. We just try to get as many points as we can from the other three matches. Our fans were great tonight. They are always like that in the Champions League and is a great help for us.

UEFA EURO 2012 will be a smoke-free zone


UEFA EURO 2012 is a non-smoking after the tournament, UEFA has announced a total ban on the use, sale and promotion of tobacco in all the stadiums hosting the games end.

UEFA has announced today that it will implement a total ban on use, sale and advertising of tobacco in all stages of the UEFA EURO 2012.

The regulation will apply without exception to all areas within the gangs of the stadium, both inside and outside. This tobacco-free policy has been developed and will be implemented in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO), World Heart Federation (WHF), Healthy Stadia European network of local organizing committee (LOC) in Poland and Ukraine, and local groups of health advocacy.

UEFA's decision to ban tobacco in the world third largest sporting event sends a strong message to football fans around the world, the contact of football and good health.

"A smoke-free Euro 2012 is to respect the health of our spectators and other participants in the tournament," said UEFA President Michel Platini. "We maintain the highest standards of health, safety and comfort our flagship tournament, and tobacco can not fit in them. "

"A smoke-free Euro 2012 feels that way," said Zsuzsanna Jakab, Director for Europe. "The snuff kills and causes serious illness. This is an excellent example of what can be done in the WHO Framework Convention for the Control of Snuff, which is now scoring goals throughout Europe."

Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner responsible for sport, says UEFA's decision and pointed out the possible broader impact: "the Euro 2012 will be a magnet for millions of viewers and fans, so it sends a strong message, moreover, without Tobacco Euro 2012 sets the standard for other sporting events across the continent. ".

Invitation host cities to ensure smoke-free public transport, restaurants and fan zones, she added: "Football and sport is all about health and performance, and tobacco is about the opposite - they do not go together. "

The total ban on tobacco use, sales and promotion at UEFA EURO 2012 goes beyond local restrictions, and is a natural consequence of the commitment of UEFA to promote a way of healthy living through football. This is a central theme in his football and social responsibility activities that use football to get a handle on some of the best of health, social and environmental problems.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Kontis takes heart from APOEL misfortune


29. August 2011, Christos Kontinen received a blow. Six days after celebrating his eligibility for APOEL FC in the UEFA Champions League group stage, and complained of weakness after the goalless draw AEK Larnaca FC. Tests showed he had suffered a heart attack, and would retire from the game.

"It 'was something that rarely happens athlete like me," he told "I used to take care of all my life, I've never smoked, I had a good professional life, so all my health tests before it was returned to the full."

His teammates were surprised too. "It was a big shock," said the Brazilian striker Ailton APOEL. "We were just sitting together on the bus when he went to the hospital with the doctor, but no one knew about it. And the next day I heard that a friend was hospitalized with a heart problem, so I went to visit him the same thing. "

Medical accounts was denied a chance to compete with Europe Club Premier, but the former Panionios FC, Olympiacos FC and AEK Athens FC defender think some good came out of it too.

"Doctors took care of me, so now I have my life," he said. "It's like it never happened. I feel great. I feel better every day. This is not something that will stop my life. I am active as before, I can play football, tennis and other sports that I like to play but had no time, or elected not to because I did not want to tire myself. "Now I have a different life, and I really like". "

The 36 years was also supported peoples reaction to his situation. "I had so much love and support of my teammates, friends, people I do not even know," he said. "I get emails and phone calls every day. I can not find words to describe how I feel, but it's nice how people think of me. And it gives me the strength to continue because life never stops. "

It does not take FC Zenit St Petersburg, FC Shakhtar Donetsk and FC Porto in the fall, but has revealed that there is more to life than the beautiful game.

"Life is the most important thing," he said. "I have a family, I have two kids and my wife. And this is now what I think. Football is one part of me. I loved it. I gave it everything, but now I can't help but see things from another point of view. "I see everything differently now. I see that my health is the most important thing. And now I have a new life ahead of me"."